Family doctors’ perception of violence against women


  • Joaquim José Marques da Silva FMS-UBS
  • Eliana Mendes Mesquita HUT/FMS
  • Viriato Campelo UFPI



Violência contra a mulher, Atenção primária à saúde, Pessoal da saúde, Percepção social


Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the perception of family doctors about violence against women. Methods: This is a cross-sectional study, developed with 158 doctors from the Family Health Strategy of Teresina/Piauí, from March to April 2019, through a questionnaire adapted from the Social Perception Indicator System of the Institute of Applied Economic Research. Results: The findings indicate that male doctors, specialists, with over 25 years of training and more than 60 years of age, have a perception of violence against women based on the patriarchal model, as a problem of an intimate nature and of blaming of the woman. Conclusion: Medical training is necessary to conduct a care practice for women in situations of violence, giving them a reception guided by the social health model.



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Silva JJM da, Mesquita EM, Campelo V. Family doctors’ perception of violence against women. Rev Enferm UFPI [Internet]. 22º de novembro de 2022 [citado 16º de junho de 2024];11(1). Disponível em: